The duckwing in the Araucana comes in two varieties.  The Silver and the Golden.  You may be asking, "What is the difference"?

Silver Duckwing

The silver duckwing rooster is a black bird with silver head and neck, shoulders, saddle, and wing bay.  The rooster above ideally would have a solid black chest, much shorter comb, and willow legs.  For all his faults, he is one of the better colored birds I have seen lately.

Golden Duckwing

The golden duckwing rooster should have creamy yellow head, neck, shoulders, and saddle, with a silver or white wing bay.   The rooster pictured is darn close to perfect and Is one of my show birds.  He is also one of my breeding birds.

The rooster below is also a golden duckwing.  His hackle has black  and if you notice how dark his shoulders and back are compared to the above rooster, this is because he carries the mahagony gene. 


Now lets take a look at the female versions of these two colors.

Silver Duckwing

This hen is a stunning example of the silver variety.  Notice the pale peach or salmon chest.  The only improvements to be had with this hen, would be to add tufts and make her neck more silvery with no black.

Golden Duckwing

Now look at the shade of this hen compared to the silver hen.  This hen would be better with a clean silvery neck also, but the rest of her coloring is quite good.  She had a deep red chest and a brownish grey body.