Rumpless Tufted Araucanas

Thank You all for visiting my site. Hopefully you will find it fun and informative. I love the Araucana chicken. It is quirky, silly, and lets face it, somewhat funny looking. It is a very unusual breed of chicken. It is the only breed to combine 3 unique traits. It is completely rumpless ( at least thats what we all breed for ) It has feathers or ” Tufts” sticking out of the sides of its face, and lays a blue egg. They are definately a dual purpose breed of chicken. While they average about 4 to 5 lbs a bird, they have a nicely fleshed breast ( yum!). They lay year round, although they do slow down some in the winter and when they are molting, but everyone needs a break now and then. They lay a nice medium sized blue egg that is simply delicious and quite the conversation starter if you have a basket of them on your counter.

Feel free to pop around the site and if you have any questions please to let me know. All chickens pictured are mine and the photos are not to be used elsewhere without my permission.