Chicken Tractors

So I am always needing more pens, more space, of course more chickens.  I decided to try building a few chicken tractors for breeding trios.  I would like to have 10 total I think.  I have started with 3.  You can see the completed one is the painted tractor.  The only thing left to do on it is stencil an araucana chicken and the word araucana on the front.  I have chickens in all three already.  Although only two of the pens have breeding trios in them,  in one pen I have my favorite broody mutt hen who hatched me a batch of pure araucana chicks a couple of months ago.  They are old enough to be on their own but she doesn't think so.  She still sits on them at night to keep them warm.  It is a funny sight.


I have a silver duckwing trio in 1 pen and a Ginger Red trio in the other.


It took me approx 2 days to complete 1 tractor.  My husband keeps buying me the tools and teaching me how to use them.  Today he asked with a hopeful little voice if I was only going to build three.  I told him " yes, I am only building 3 today".  Tomorrow is another day. 


I am thinking of building other types of chicken tractors once these are done.  I am kicking around an idea for grow out tractors and broody tractors.  HMMM!