Buying Hatching Eggs

Araucana Hatching Eggs and Ebay

Araucana hatching eggs can be the easiest to find and the leat expensive way to begin with the Araucana breed. However, just like everything else with the Araucana, it can be difficult finding quality eggs.  Ebay is a good place to start.  Search Araucana eggs and you will get several ads pop up.

Beware – just because someone has birds listed as Araucana does not mean that is truly what they are.  Please look carefully at their pictures and read their ad carefully.  Very few people are aware of what an Araucana is and many people think that any blue egg layer is an Araucana.  Quite a few people are out there to make a fast buck, betting on others ignorance.  Be one of the informed.

There are several reputable breeders who list their eggs on ebay.  You should count yourself fortunate if you are able to win one of their auctions.

The first thing to look for when buying Araucana eggs on Ebay is the pictures of the birds.  If they do not have pictures of tufted birds, move on to another ad. If their birds have tails, it is most likely better to move on to another ad. If the person states that the eggs come from cleanfaced birds but will be carrying the tufting gene.  That is absolutely incorrect.  Tufts can only be inherited from tufted birds.  If the word muffs or beard is mentioned anywhere in the ad, look elsewhere.

Another thing to keep in mind is the spelling of their ad.  These are Rumples Tufted Araucana, not Tuffed.  Nor is Araucana spelled Araucaria, Arcana, or a myriad of other ways I have seen it spelled.  If they do not know how to even spell the type of chicken they have chances are they do not have quality birds.

Feel free to ask questions about their ad.  If they have decent birds, they should have decent pictures of them.  Beware of anyone who cannot answer basic questions about Araucana.

Always remember “BUYER BEWARE”.  It is your responsibility to make an informed purchase.