About Me

My family and I live in a lovely little valley in Northern California on 10 park like acres.  We raise black arabian horses and Araucana chickens.  My husband and brother-in-law own their own commercial floorcovering business and travel all over the state for work.  I manage their business, our farm, and sell eggs at the local farmers market along with vegetable starts in the spring.

I originally wanted to have blue egg laying chickens so I could sell the extra eggs at the farmers markets.  I bought Araucanas at the local feed store and waited for them to start laying eggs.  I found that most laid pretty blue eggs, but a couple laid pink eggs.  When I started doing research, I found out I had actually bought Easter Egger chickens not Araucanas.  The Easter Egger is named so because one chicken in a flock of them may lay blue eggs, another will lay greens, some will lay pink eggs, and you can get brown or white eggs.  All from the same type of chicken.

Once I knew what the Araucana really was I was hooked.  I purchased a roo and 4 pullets from one breeder and a roo and two pullets from another breeder.  So now I had the start of a breeding program with no real idea of the direction I wanted to go in.  I just new I wanted a lot of Araucanas laying blue eggs.  Soon I figured out it was cheaper to hatch my own chicks than to keep buying hatching eggs or birds.  And I was off.

I now have alot of different breeding pens.  This summer I finally decided to simplify my breeding efforts and focus mainly on the duckwing and Black Breasted Red varieties.

The 2011 year was my first year of chicken shows.  I went to 3 shows and exhibited at 1.  I had the only araucana at the show I exhibited birds at so, I could say my birds did great, but there was no competition for them.

I want to thank you all for looking at my website.  I hope you find the same fascination with the Araucana chicken that I have.