Birchen Araucana

The birchen coloration of the Araucana can be very striking looking.  My double tufted Rooster  Henry the 8th is one of the most beautiful birchens I have seen yet.  I have him in a pen with a clean faced black hen, and a silver duckwing hen.  My goal is to get more birchens and some blacks. I was hoping that Henry would pass on his wonderful tufts unfortunately he rarely did.  While the majority of his offspring are tufted most ended up with very small tufts.  The good news is one of his sons has been having great success in passing on huge tufts.  So I have sold Henry the 8th and he will continue on in someone elses breeding program.

Henry the 8th babies from 2011


Birchen pullet with two very tiny tufts.  They don't show in this pic but are there.


Black Roo with two huge tufts.

Birchen Roo with two very tiny tufts.

 Another birchen roo with barely there tufts