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  1. Patti Roselli

    I am interested in your Araucana Chickens. I would love to purchase a pair to go with my so called Ameraurcanas. I have one EE that lays olive colored eggs. My husband liked the fact that they are tailless. Are they friendly? like the Ameraurcana?

    1. Lanae Cash

      Hi Patti,

      I have a pair for sale on my sales page. The rooster is tufted and they both are rumpless. I also have a couple of other birds I will be pairing up in the same colors. Mostly duckwings. I may have a wheaten pair of chicks available.

  2. lorraine

    Love your informative site and I really want some true araucana chickens for all of the reasons I have read about. Please let me know how to get 18 hatching eggs. I am in Arizona.

    1. Lanae Cash

      Hi Lorraine,

      I am so happy you like my website. I am not selling hatching eggs this year but check out the classified section of the Araucana Club of America website at I have heard that a few people will be posting hatching eggs for sale there as soon as their birds start laying good.

  3. Shelly Morris

    I love the Araucanas and have considered them for quite a while. I am currently doing my research and learning as much as I can before actually buying any birds. I come from a horse show and alpaca breeder background so I am very intrigued with the idea of keeping the lines pure and breeding for quality. So, just trying to learn as much as I can but I am excited about getting involved. Any advice you would like to send my way would be greatly appreciated. I live in Southern California on an agriculture farm. We raise avocados, lemons and oranges as well as watercress. Thank you for your time!

  4. Timi Ferguson

    Thanks for the information on buying eggs online. I greatly appreciate it. i am looking for Araucana’s but don’t want to get something that is not. Thanks again

  5. Gary Westhoven

    For years, I raised the “Easter Eggers” sold through Murray MacMurray and was always happy with the birds. They were always the first to lay, when I bought an assortment, and the last to quit, if they did, over the cold of winter. I always wanted to get pure Araucanas to intensify and get more blue eggs laid, though. I would love to get a Golden Duckwing rooster from you to cross onto the Eeaster Eggers, and get back into a few chickens just for fun again. Until I read of you in Mother Earth News, I didn’t know anyone actually had the real McCoy.

  6. Linda Colson

    I enjoyed reading your information and viewing your birds. I’m still a little confused about the tuffs gene. I have a golden duckwing hen with two nice tuffs, but the rooster is clean faced. I just hatched her first eggs, and of a dozen eight made it to day 18 and only two of them hatched on day 21. They appear to be clean faced. My question is; If the double tuffed bird can only pass one…and the clean faced bird has none to pass, then there is no way any of the chicks could receive two copies, thus the lethal dose. Right??? If so, how could so many of my well developed chicks have died? It would have had to be from another issue? Am I on the right track??


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